Circle is making a difference to thousands of people…

Louise contacted Circle after picking up a leaflet about us at an event. She picked up the leaflet for her Mum, Mary.
Mary and her husband had moved to Rochdale from Cheshire to be nearer their daughter as her husbands health had started to fail. Sadly her husband passed away within a year.
So Mary was in a town she hardly knew and other than her daughters family she had no friends nearby.
Louise looked around for something for her Mum to get involved in. Nothing seemed suitable until she picked up the leaflet about Circle. So she signed her Mum up and hoped for the best.
Mary has been a Member for just over a month and Louise her daughter sent us this message to thank us for what Circle has brought to her Mum’s life:
Thank you, since Mum joined she has enjoyed a couple of coffee catch up’s, Mark came round to do a bit of DIY, she has made a friend who is going to Mum’s tomorrow, she is looking forward to her computer class on Friday, and then the canal trip end of the month. 
Thank you all, you are doing a brilliant job, long do you reign.
This is such a simple story a, but one which shows the power of Circle.
Mary is getting out and about learning about the town which is her new home. She is getting those awkward jobs done around the home from a trusted and reliable source.
She has already made new friends and is able to socialise more and she is also learning new things and skills at her own speed by people she feels comfortable with.
Circle is making a difference to thousands of people like Mary across the country. For more information visit
Mark Wynn
Rochdale Circle

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